Travelling is as important as the final destination.

We are here because choices matter, especially yours. And when it comes to style, it is fundamental to narrate a story. Your story.
Our e-stylist will support you thanks to a advisory service tailor-made for you.

How does it work?

1. Fill out our Style Test

2. Get to know our e-stylist to find the best outfit for you.

3. Let us find the best style for you!

Our selection

We have selected just for you the best Made in Italy Brands to provide you with high-quality clothes.

For whom is thought Eligo?

Eligo is for anyone who has decided not to follow a predetermined path, for those who know that having freedom of choice is much more fun.

Eligo is for anyone who is not scared to dare and for anyone who, instead, finds in simplicity an encharming comfort. Is thought for those who are not scared of taking a choice by their own, enjoying moments in life to the utmost of its possibilities.

Eligo is for anyone who embraces the future and all its possibilities, but also for those deciding to enjoy the present.

You are Eligo.

What do we mean by style?

Style is about finding its own way of express yourself, seeking what makes us feel good, what makes us feel ourselves. Tell your own story through what we really love wearing without following any fashion rule that does not belong to ourselves.

Style is about choosing to be ourself everyday.

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